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Travelling by aircraft has bad influence for environment

We, the people, are comfort-loving and also lazy. That’s why we love planes. Aircrafts are really cool: they let  us to travel quickly and comfortable, even if we travel very far.

Plastic as a threat to the environment

The awareness of a very large scale of bad impact of plastic on the environment is becoming more and more common. There is even a theory that soon the amount of trash in the seas and oceans made of this material will be greater than the number of fish floating in them.

Does the climate really get warmer?

The phenomenon of global warming has been mentioned for years. Some say that this is just a figment of someone or a larger group who has a specific interest in it. The fact is, however, that we can feel the higher and higher temperatures on our own skin. Summers become very hot - sometimes it is difficult for people to live in such conditions.

How to protect the environment?

Many people seem to have no significant impact on the environment. They say that changes should occur at the system level, and a single person does not do enough to be felt. However, if many people make changes in their behavior and their own household, this will be important. We must therefore assume that each of us has an impact on the planet on which we live and on the environment.