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Does the climate really get warmer?

The phenomenon of global warming has been mentioned for years. Some say that this is just a figment of someone or a larger group who has a specific interest in it. The fact is, however, that we can feel the higher and higher temperatures on our own skin. Summers become very hot - sometimes it is difficult for people to live in such conditions.

Meanwhile, winters in many places are devoid of snow and more frost, which took place a few years ago. After such phenomena, each of us may notice the actual presence of the phenomenon of global warming, although there are actually more symptoms.




The effects of global warming

The most important issue related to global warming is not only the fact of higher temperatures, but also a number of phenomena that are related to it.

Such changes affect a number of important areas, such as:

  • water environment
  • living organisms
  • man
  • strange phenomena in the weather

Each of these issues is complex in itself and can not be underestimated. Future generations can feel it in a completely different reality. It is already noticeable today that agriculture and the economy are the most affected by changes.

Influence of warming on humans

Global warming has a serious impact on the human body. This is not just about subjective well-being - some like how it is warmer, so they do not bother them, others get tired and miss the winters full of snow. However, it is more important that the disease map may change completely, for example, malaria will no longer be reserved only for African countries.