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Plastic as a threat to the environment

The awareness of a very large scale of bad impact of plastic on the environment is becoming more and more common. There is even a theory that soon the amount of trash in the seas and oceans made of this material will be greater than the number of fish floating in them.

You can believe it, especially remembering the rather dramatic pictures depicting penguins tangled in bags or turtles or sea birds choking with straws. These photos are very meaningful and help to understand the scale of the problem we are dealing with.

Types of plastic waste

Just look around us to see how many plastic products we use and how much waste is generated as a result.

These are among others:

  • disposable bottles for water and other beverages

  • foils in which fruits are packed

  • disposable bags in supermarkets

  • packaging for cosmetics and household chemistry

These are just a few examples of the most commonly used products used almost by everyone.

The mass scale of the garbage problem

Knowing how many people live on our planet and thinking that practically everyone is using plastic things is known why the problem is so big. At the moment, it would be necessary to take the most massive measures to reduce the amount of plastic produced and used. Resignation, for example, from buying water in plastic bottles would give a noticeable effect. Especially that in many cities tap water is of the same good quality and there is no fear of consuming it.