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Travelling by aircraft has bad influence for environment

We, the people, are comfort-loving and also lazy. That’s why we love planes. Aircrafts are really cool: they let  us to travel quickly and comfortable, even if we travel very far.

But are planes really as cool as we believe?

The answer is: no. There is a big environmental impact of aviation. Other words: our comfort and laziness has a big price and we all will pay it. Aircrafts emit huge heat, noise and harmful gases.

What is the problem with aviation?

First, a huge amount of CO2. In 2018 the airline industry produced circa 900 millions tonnes of CO2. In comparison: this is 3 times more than Poland (and Poland is one of leaders in CO2 producers). One aircraft in 24 hours need so many fuel, what 247 cars during the year. This is terrible amount of fuel – and extraction of fuel is also harmful for our environment. And, of course, the airline industry produces not only CO2 but another gases which are very injurious.

Second, noise. In the neighbourhood of the airports huge noise disturb to people who live there. And – there is no animals. They run away to quieter places.

What we can choose instead of planes?

For example: trains. Sometimes railway is faster than flight (remember about time for check in or travel to the airport – and airports are located out of cities), cheaper and not so harmful. Believe, even a travel by car is better for environment than by aircraft. And travel by land is easier – you don’t need so many formalities like ESTA in USA, read more on this site. In Europe you only need to buy a ticket – and there is all of formalities to travel between most countries.

Travel by land is better for our environment (and also for our future!), wallet and even time. We need to use airlines wiser – only in important cases.

But if you really need to go to US, you’ll need this information: